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Holidays Catering

Holidays catering starts by looking at the holiday catering menu. Click the hors d'oeuvres picture to see our complete holiday menu.

View the holiday catering menu by clicking the finger food hors d'oeuvres image.

Make your holidays catering stress-free with Catering Houston. As you know, shopping and preparing a lot of food is a major task. We’re here to help.

Houston has many different holiday caterers. Why choose Catering Houston? In simple language, we cater to thousands of satisfied customers every month at our popular restaurant in Houston. And we guarantee to give you the same high-quality food and service for your party.

Look at our Holiday catering menu and then call or email us with your questions. We’re ready to create whatever you have in mind, or suggest dishes that will help make your party perfect.

I’ve kept our popular Thanksgiving Houston holidays catering menu posted (Surprisingly, a lot of people continue to order it for the holidays).

And since the Holidays brings on many different kinds of parties, finger food, hors d’oeuvres, and canapes, with full-course lunch and dinner options are available for you to mix and match. Maybe you’ll want to try some of our homemade pies and cakes. Please let us know what you’re thinking and we will present you with several holiday selections to choose from.

“Our holidays catering makes a lot of sense” says Managing Partner Douglas Roberts. Most people are beyond busy with their work and in their personal lives. They want to have the party but they don’t care to cook or clean, or do too much other work to make it happen. That’s where we can help out.”

Whether you’re having a small get together with your family and friends, or you need holiday party catering for your business, you can count on this holiday caterer to create fabulous food for you and your guests.

What else? Oh yes, when you call, it would be helpful if you have a general idea of the number of people attending, the type of food you want, the location you would like it delivered, if you want a buffet or be individually served, if you need wait staff to serve and clean up, and your budget per person or total budget. From this basic information, I can come up with the dinner menu and plans to make your holidays catering a success.

Think in terms of, do want to walk into your party, enjoy it, walk out happy, without much work? Or do you want to organize everything, and just have the food prepared for you to keep costs to a minimum. Either way, we’re happy to make your holidays catering whatever you want.